DRYV® Technology


On July 8, 2014, POINT 3 was awarded U.S. Patent #8,769,716 for a “moisture control garment.”

Since most of us are not patent experts or fabric geeks, we decided not to post the full text of the patent here. Instead, we'll tell you more about this industry-changing innovation as simply as we can.

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What is DRYV® Moisture Control Technology and how does it work?

  • POINT 3’s patented DRYV (pronounced like the word “drive”) Moisture Control Technology incorporates a towel-like fabric into your athletic performance apparel.
  • DRYV panels on our shorts, tops, and shooting sleeves allow you to dry your hands, face, or other body parts right on your gear.

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Why should ballplayers wear gear with DRYV® Moisture Control technology?

  • Managing perspiration can have a meaningful impact and provide a competitive edge when the game is on the line.
  • No more sweaty hands when you catch that inbound pass, when you step to the free throw line, or when you’re posting up your man under the basket.

How do POINT 3’s DRYV products compare to other athletic performance apparel in the market?

  • Most gear worn on the court today is made from moisture-wicking performance fabrics - great for dealing with body sweat but by design, meant to repel moisture.
  • POINT 3 is the first company to provide a moisture absorbing area on a moisture wicking garment, keeping your skin cool and dry while giving you the advantage of being able to dry your hands, face, and other body parts right on your gear.